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The Hainburg Haydn Society

The Hainburg Haydn Society was established in 1981 by a group of music lovers in the town of Hainburg where Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) attended school. From 1737 to 1740, he took his first music lessons there, and thereby a wealth of musical inspiration and development that would essentially determine his works. In Haydn’s music one can always discover something new, surprising, and humorous. With Joseph Haydn’s “innovative spirit” in mind, it is especially important for the Hainburg Haydn Society to adjourn itself to a musical adventure voyage and to organize an as varied and colourful concert series as possible.

Saal der Kulturfabrik Hainburg

In addition to works from Haydn, the music palette stretches from Baroque to Contemporary and occasionally Jazz. Just as Haydn, who was “at home” in all genres; The Hainburg Haydn Society would like to cover all categories of classical music. Solo concerts, chamber music, orchestra concerts and even music cabaret will be offered. The 9 annual concerts will feature internationally well-known and popular artists as well as young and up-coming talents.

From 1981 to May 2008 the events took place in an adapted dining salon (Haydnsaal) at the Hainburg Tobacco Factory. Since 2008 the concerts are held in the beautifully renovated factory floor of the former tobacco plant, complete with cast-iron colonnades, the now “Culture Factory Hainburg” provides an appealing and impressive ambiance.

Music as a language the whole world understands…

… without borders was and is, always, a motto when selecting interpreters because since the beginning the thought of “going beyond borders” has been in the foreground. Thus, soloists, conductors and ensembles in Hainburg are from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, even Russia, Korea, and the USA. The culture uniting impact of music is carried forward to the audience. In the meantime, more and more guests travel from the nearby Slovakia and Hungary to attend the concerts.

In the currently 40 years of existence the Hainburg Haydn Society has become, with its most diversified program, an integral part of the cultural life of the area. The loyal audience of the Danube Region appreciates the variety, the moderate ticket prices, and the proximity. Most of all, they enjoy music performances of the highest niveau.